Let's follow together! - deficit measures

I'd like to tell you an opinion, because I heard the news of deficit of Twitter.

Twitter is a great tool which have the relationship between people who do not know each other.
On the other hand, some people are hurt by rudeness of words.
My opinion is to create a culture that to follow each other, because becoming Friends encourage people controlling their words by themselves.

People who don't know can communicate with others in most important merit of twitter.
I can talk with some person in Syria without having met even once.

As a person who has been using Twitter early, I feel many people quit Twitter.
I don't hear them the reason to quit twitter, but I feel the deterioration of the tweet.

Many people are hurt by strangers' harsh words.
Twitter has tightened regulation.
It also might be one way, but more, I want to suggest to each other is look at followers as Neighbors.

When we talk Neighbors,we will talk politely.
My followers are so to speak my Neighbors.
It's a natural thing for me to follow my followers.

I hope following is not rule, but become movement and culture.

I hope Twitter and employees of the company are willing to create culture of following each other.

Feb.9, 2014
Junichi Endo






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